Frequently Asked Questions


how long does it take to drill a well?

Depending on the depth of the well, It typically take between 1 to 2 days to complete your well.

do I need a permit?

Most Counties in Georgia do require a permit to drill a water well. The permit must be in the owners possession before the drilling process begins From your local Health Department.


Is Middle Georgia Water Systems a Licensed well driller?

Yes! Middle Georgia Water Systems is licensed through the Water Well Standards Advisory Council under the Water Well Standards Act.   And is also a licensed Septic tank Installer.

what areas do you work in?

We cover a wide range of Georgia and Alabama. We typically operate within a 100 mile radius From Zebulon Georgia.

Does middle georgia water systems offer financing? 

Unfortunately we do not. We do except all major credit cards  (Mastercard,American Express,Visa,Discover)